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Advocates For Family Peace 

Advocates for Family Peace (AFFP) serves victims of intimate partner domestic violence. In particular, AFFP is organized to serve people experiencing an on-going pattern of coercion, intimidation, and emotional abuse, reinforced by the use and threat of physical and/or sexual violence. The primary goal of advocacy is to increase safety for victims of domestic violence. We do this by listening closely to individuals and connecting them with the information, resources, and support they may need to make their own informed decisions.

National Domestic Violence Hotline

 At the National Domestic Violence Hotline, our highly trained expert advocates are available 24/7 to talk confidentially with anyone in the United States who is experiencing domestic violence, seeking resources or information, or questioning unhealthy aspects of their relationship. The Hotline advocates assist victims, and anyone calling on their behalf, by providing crisis intervention, safety planning and referrals to local service providers.

Violence Free Minnesota

Founded in 1978, Violence Free Minnesota is a statewide coalition of over 90 member programs working to end relationship abuse. After 40 years, the coalition formerly known as the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women (MCBW), knew it was time to update our name to better reflect our ultimate goal: to live in a violence free state

Futures Without Violence

 Striving to reach new audiences and transform social norms, we train professionals such as doctors, nurses, judges, and athletic coaches on improving responses to violence and abuse. We also work with advocates, policymakers, and others to build sustainable community leadership and educate people everywhere about the importance of respect and healthy relationships.

Woman's Advocates

 Women’s Advocates walks with victim/survivors and our community to break the cycle of domestic violence. Using the tools of radical hospitality, advocacy and collective action, we work toward a community free from violence, where all are safe and can live productive and healthy lives.

Day One

Whether you’re experiencing domestic violence, sexual assault or sexual violence, human trafficking or simply questioning aspects of your relationship, advocates are available 24/7 to listen and give information and resources.


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